5 Times You Wanted To Be Frank Underwood

by Marisol Grandi Adornetto for NeatLifestyle


[Warning: Spoilers may appear for Seasons 1-3]

Why do we want to be Frank Underwood? House of Cards is the most viewed TV series of our time. We could even say that it’s one of the reasons that politics is such a trending subject nowadays. It gave most viewers a clear understanding of how politics work, at least in the US, but especially how everything that happens inside the administration is such a blur for all of us, the average boring society.

But the thing is, for all we have seen it; we wonder what is like to be Frank Underwood. You have had the feeling, at least once, no matter how awful the man is; you wanted to be him. Is it THAT terrible? Is it because we want to have the kind of power he has? Or maybe because we want to feel as passionate as he does for something?

But the man is ruthless, brutal and merciless… But we still, members of the average boring society, would love to be him, just for a day or maybe 2 hours. So, we made a list of 5 times you wanted to be him and why you shouldn’t be ashamed of it:

1. Getting the quorum through the call of the house


A call of the house is a motion that can be adopted by the assembly. It has the authority to compel attendance of absent members when a quorum is not reached. The effect is that the president of the assembly, Frank, sends out arrest warrants that force all of the members to compel and bring them to the meeting hall so that the quorum may be reached, making all of the republicans present themselves and debate his law.

2. Sending Lucas Goodwin to jail


We have to admit that Lucas was right on everything and that if he had been more careful he would have protected the American citizens from a fraudulent administration. But we also have to admit that we just couldn’t stand him going around every little thing Frank did on the way to the top. Ok, we’re all supporters of investigative journalism and we all want corrupt presidents to fall, but let’s get serious: we just couldn’t stand this guy going around and into the Chief’s stuff. Anti-heroism hypocrisy.

3. Making President Walker leave the presidency to you


We expected this moment as if it were us about to step up and take the lead of the US. If you are 100% honest, you never liked Walker, and we just couldn’t stand all of his family drama with his wife, who we didn’t like either. Everyone, even himself, saw him as a weak figure and Frank made us all believe, yes even us, that he had to step down in order to have a great country again. Such a power move. Buh-bye Walker!

4. Drawing your hand-print on the wall of the White House


I’m quite sure this scene has many psychological explanations, but do we really have to explain the real thing? Who wouldn’t want to draw on one of the freaking White House’s walls and get away with it?

5. Hiring your own biographer and telling (lying to) him about your life


Although this may seem a little self loving, we would totally enjoy hiring a well known author to write on how cool your life story is. Having a drink with him and telling him all about your early life and how you got where you are, obviously omitting all the illegal parts on the story, such as Frank does.

images credit Netflix via Google images


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