7 Ways to Be Mentally Strong at Work

Being mentally strong at work is critical to your success. How you build that mental muscle though, is often something that people don’t think about a lot while at work.

Here are 7 ways you can be mentally strong at work:

1.  Embrace Change

Hanna Phan’s story is a great example embracing change.  She was applying for jobs but wasn’t finding success with her resume.  Why?  Well, times have changed. The resume just isn’t as effective as it used to be.  If you want to stand out from the crowd of job seekers, a resume doesn’t exactly yell out, “Hey, I’m awesome!”

So what did Hanna do?  Instead of complaining about the job market or how hard it was to get interviews with her resume, she embraced the fact that she had do something radically awesome to get her potential employer’s attention.

She created a  Presume Video and tweeted it at the CEO of one of the hottest technology companies in the valley.

2.  Be willing to take risks

There’s a risk to not taking a risk.  It’s complacency.  It’s stagnancy.

When I was 16, I had this idea that people would love to have flash cards to help themselves prepare for interviewing.  After all, who likes to go to the store to buy pens, note cards and then have to write each of the questions and answers on their own?

So I decided I was going to build an app.  The only problem was that I had no design skills, no marketing budget and no connections to developers.  Oh, and I also couldn’t code.  Uhhhh, slight problem.

Building an app was really risky.  Almost everyone I talked to told me that.
So what did I do?  I buried myself into articles, training and networked with people in the space to learn as much as I could.

Want to be mentally strong?  You can’t be afraid.  You have to be willing to take calculated risks.

3.  Learn from the past and look towards the future

“You can’t start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one” – Unknown

You’re going to make mistakes along the way.  I call those “speed bumps.” Yes, sometimes it makes the ride a little uncomfortable, but hey, have you ever been stopped by a speed bump before?  I don’t think so.

So when you run into a speed bump, learn from mistakes and move on.  Keep your eyes on the future.  You’ve got a lot of epic awesomeness ahead of you.

4.  Stay positive

One of my friends, Ramiro, had an awesome secret to staying positive.
Anytime a conversation would get tense or someone would get upset, Ramiro would acknowledge the feeling, talk it out with that person and then bring up a positive comment about a completely different topic.  He wouldn’t let people dwell on negative emotions.  If anything, he would try to cheer you up by making you laugh about something.

And you know what?  It worked every single time for me.  If you want to be mentally strong, stop stewing on negative thoughts and feelings. Think positive.

5. Raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed  

In February 2016, Google threw a big marketing event and one executive round-table. They had 10000 customers and prospects showed up. There were laughs, an amazing customer story and an undeniable buzz. After the event, people mentioned that it was a great event.

Do you know what Google did after the event?

They thought about how they could make it better.  

In April, they threw a second big marketing event.  They had 14000 people attend.  And also hosted 400 round-tables simultaneously.  There were laughs, an amazing executive panel and an undeniable buzz. After the event, people mentioned that it was even better than the first event.

Do you know what they did after the event?

They thought about how they could make it better.  

Keep raising the bar.  It’s how you stay mentally strong.

6.  Focus on what you can control

Draw two circles that slightly overlap.  In one, write “Stuff that is important.”  In the other circle, right “Stuff that you can actually control.” See that small area where the two circles overlap?  That’s what you should focus your energy on.

7.  Keep your eyes on the big picture

What’s your big picture?
Is it building the playbook on how to grow a start up?
Is it leading and inspiring a team to be at their best?
Is it raising a great family and having great work life balance?
Whatever your big picture is, stay focused on it.  Don’t get dragged down by the small stuff.

Now go out there and make it neat!


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